Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Accident

I just wrote a blog yesterday so I thank you for following me and reading again today. 

Funny how God can remind you so easily what he wants for you in the smallest of ways! About two months ago when I was searching the Christian Family Care website and Facebook site i noticed two beautiful little children Gage and Glory. They are brother and sister 2 and 3 years old. They melted my heart.  I felt something deep down I couldn't put words on but something told me this could be mine. (I really hope that makes sense). Anyways, I prayed. I didn't go into detail about them to Ryan but mentioned them. I spoke about their ages what they like to do etc.. I learned all this from their post that was shared on their FB page. 

Well, today yet again I'm surprised. I open up my Facebook and one of the very first post I read is were of Gage and Glory. My heart just melted. Right then I knew God was tugging at my heart strings.  I of course knew my wonderful God was speaking to me.  I'm now praying directly for these two little beauties. To either be our beautiful loves or to find a home.  Not sure what about these two melt me besides the fact they are beautiful. 

I can only imagine that this is what it was like when my friends Brittany and John adopted their 2nd son Bek from Ethiopia. How Brittany told me was that they saw the picture of him and just knew. They melted. With reverent prayer and fasting today I will be lifting these two up. I ask that you pray for them as well. That God's will will be done and that all doors will closed if not. 

Here are the two beauties. I already love them and don't even know them. Amazing how God designed us women! I'm a big pot of melty gue right now. 

Thanks for the prayers and support friends and family. Stay tuned and watch as God writes our Loveology Not Biology Story! SO FLIPPING EXCITED!

Check their bio out.

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