Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Wow, I'm struggling with the words and I'm having a hard time writing about my blessings in the wake of such tragedy that my CS family has experienced. So, I"m going to to my best and keep this simple.

So, you all know that Ryan and I put on our list  a need for both a toddler bed/convertible crib and twin bed. Well, God has heard us and answered prayers. A friend of my sisters and now a friend of mine had posted a few days ago that she had a crib that she was getting rid of.  I some how missed this post and never saw it.  Apparently my good friend communicated that I would definitely be interested.  She sent me a text with the picture and asked if I wanted it. I cried, OF COURSE!  Less then 24 hours later it was delivered and put together. I am in awe.  Not only was I given this beautiful crib but two sets of beautiful bedding to go with it as well as a twin frame that will work perfectly.

This is not the final decor for the room but it's a definite start. As you can kinda see on the right of the crib a large framed picture. That picture will be the center focal point of our children's room.  This picture is priceless to me.  When Ryan and I first were married he knew what a love I had for giraffes. (real life photography of them not cartoon). Well, we had been talking about having children and the receipt of this picture at Christmas time in 2008 was Ryan telling me he was ready to have children. So,  ever since thien this picture has been protected and kept safe waiting for it's rightful place in our children's room.  The start of our family.  So, though I don't know what the final product will look like I will  know it will be centered around answered prayers, love and dreams come true. I can't wait to reveal as it all comes together.

God is opening doors and answering prayers. I'm astounded by the support that we've been getting and just can't put into words how truly thankful we are.  We still are a long way off from being ready but this is a definite step in the right direction and just more confirmation that God is fully in control.


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