Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Delayed UPDATE - SORRY ;-(

Friends and Family,

So sorry for the delayed update. Ryan and I's world has been kinda crazy the last few months with not much more then life, ( I turned 36, this is bitter sweet, I'll tell you later why) and unexpected trips.

So, where are we in the adoption process? Well, we had to post pone our adoption classes due to some schedule issues, but we plan on starting back up in August. Just needed to get through some transitions and schedule changes. We are still on track but of course pushing out our classes pushes out the adoption. But we fear not for this is STILL God's story not OURS.

I still have to go back to Downtown Phoenix to be re-finger printed since apparently the first set of digitals did not come out clear. How this happened is beyond me? They where digital? How did the tech who took them not notice they where not clear? SO ODD to me. Then again this is the state we are working with, so another deep breath and move on.

We've completed two successful garage sales. An amazing feat I must say.  We are planning on another one this weekend. Yes, you read that right, we are going to have another adoption garage sale this weekend in 100+ heat. YES, we are crazy. WE LIVE IN ARIZONA, we gotta be!

Our family has been amazing with support for us. We are feeling very blessed.  Things are coming together smoothly.  Ryan and I had to make some hard choices but not without putting them before God first.  We decided we have to pay off some debt sooner then later, so that is what we are in the process of doing now while the waiting game continues.  We have to remind ourselves this is A very slow process but a process none the less we are going to complete.

On a positive note, I did find a new family to start working for this fall. They attend Cornerstone and are a very sweet young family. Excited for this. It will allow my schedule to be structured and it will not flucuiate as much. Looking forward to some consistency. Though it's always hard leaving a family. I feel this is God's doing not mine. So, I'm OK with that. God's story is ALWAYS better then mine.

Well, as soon as more happens we will tell you. Our hearts are always in prayer for our future loves wherever they may be. Our hearts jump with joy just when we talk about them not knowing if they are possibly thinking of us too.  Helps keep my heart calm in the process of this very exciting stressful event.

Thanks again for the support, prayers, love and well wishes friends. Very much appreciated!


Dena and Ryan

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