Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I'll keep it short.....Ryan and I wanted to share this great news. All the worries of being able to foster/adopt God has been removed and He has heard our hearts and answered our prayers. 

As you know from my previous post there were concerns of not getting approved for a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card. After worrying that my past would forever haunt me it shows that MERCY and GRACE still prevail.  DRUM ROLL PLEASE...................................... I GOT IT! Yes folks, you read that right. I'm the proud owner of a level 1 clearance card. HOW EXCITED ARE WE????? VERY!

We are excited to start the next step. What is that you ask? Completing our classes. These classes are 3 hours long and there are 12 weeks of them. State requires you do not miss more then 2. If you miss 2 classes you must START OVER.  With Ryan and I working full time this has become a challenge for us. We've gone through the first half of the classes 2 TIMES.  Our struggle is that my nights off do not always fall on the same night. So, we are asking for prayer for this next part of our journey. We would ask for availability and for things to fall into place so we can register and complete our classes.  We are absolutely honored to be apart of God's story. We know without a doubt this is God working in us and not ourselves. 

We are excited to share our story.  Thank you again!

Ryan and Dena 

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